View Full Version : Tree 2UVR spindle rebuild

02-07-2011, 05:15 PM
Anyone done this before? I've got some questions before I screw it all up.

02-07-2011, 06:12 PM
A friend did his a few years ago. I was there for most of it. If I do not remember, I can call him up to see if he does.

From memory, it was not too bad except for the clutch set up

02-07-2011, 07:30 PM
Spindle or complete head?

If its just the spindle send it to index and they can do the bearing job and grind the taper with its new bearings. I did that with my mill and they did a nice job.

02-08-2011, 07:37 PM
Sending the head out for rebuilding is not in the budget...the bearings at retail price aren't really in the budget at this point.

Anyway...for future reference:

Spindle Bearings:

OD:62mm, ID:35mm, Width: 14mm (ABEC 7)

Top Support Bearing:

OD: 55mm, ID:30mm, Width:13mm (deep groove ABEC 1)

Bearing that goes under the driven pulley:

OD:68mm, ID:40mm, Width:15mm (deep groove ABEC 1)

The nut uses a 1 1/2" socket. I made one about 7" deep...available for loan or rent if anyone needs it.

I think I've found a more reasonably priced vari-speed belt....I'll confirm when it arrives.

Once the nut is off, I used a plastic faced mallet to knock the spindle down through the bearings....it's a light press fit. Under the top bearing, there is a long spacer, and then the 2 bottom bearings. There is a snap ring and metal dust cover accessable from the bottom of the spindle...remove the snap ring and dust cover. Get a long brass punch, and kind of knock the spacer off center so you can punch the top bearing out from the bottom, then remove the spacer, and from the top, punch out the spindle bearings...they are a very light press fit.

Be careful when the spindle comes out ....I would wrap some tape around the release mechanism so that it doesn't move and all the ball bearings fall out of it. They're small and hard to find when they roll under stuff.

Since this is a relatively low RPM machine (compared to modern NC machines), I opted for the sealed top and pulley bearing, rather than the original non-contact sealed bearing...which uses a metal dust shield rather than a positive rubber seal of sorts. Dirt intrusion from the vari-speed area I think is what destroyed the 2 upper bearings.