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Shuswap Pat
05-28-2011, 10:33 AM
Okay I will start off by saying let's be kind to our welding buddies - they seem to take the brunt of a lot of ribbing from mach/mw. I have always told my Machinist/Millwright apprentices - Buddy up with a 'REALLY GOOD Welder', he/she is going to be the one to help you get out of a bind when you have a malfunftion, or 'Challenging' situation.

We are trying to hire more welders for our shop as things are ramping up. I need to make a 'Basic tool list' that our welders should have, to work in a welding/fabrication/machine shop. We have all seen the guys with the hammer, made out of 2 pieces of shafting welded together, and the square made from a couple of pieces of flat bar, to the guy with the $5000 Mac/Sna- on box + $20K of tools.

I am just looking for input to a basic list that a 'C' class welder should have to start. Of course we supply all the typical shop equipment/supplies.



05-28-2011, 12:23 PM
welding shield, tape measure, combination square, framing square, chipping hammer, wire brush (company should supply this as it is a consumable),torpedo level, ball peen hammer (appropriate size for work), 2 lb hammer, tip cleaners, scribe.

05-28-2011, 01:17 PM
...soapstones with holders, straight edge, a variety of clamps and Vise Grips, magnetic angles, angle grinders with flap wheels, cutting wheels and wire brushes, face shield (for grinding, etc), regular and MIG pliars (if MIG is used), vise, wire cutters, protective apparel (from shoes and gloves to aprons/jackets), suitable eye protection (glasses, welding helmet/ goggles), tungsten sharpener (one for a group of welders if TIG is used), optionally-electrode holders and torch holders, consumables suitable for the machines used...

05-28-2011, 02:01 PM
Let me answer a vague question with a few slightly less vague ones..

What type of shop is this in? Production? Prototype?

What size widgets do you make?

What processes are the weldors likely to use?

I know many tradesmen that like to bring only necessary tools to the job, not everything they own, so the answers to these questions might make quite a bit of difference. In the few shops I have worked in, "tool requirement lists" have been the brunt of many jokes, viewed mainly as something for "business" people to do to pass the day. Not knocking them, just saying you might get a negative reaction to them vs letting the tradesmen decide upon tools they need. Maybe you should create a "senior weldor" position and let them decide upon these issues if you are hiring more than one.

Plain ol Bill
05-28-2011, 06:36 PM
Personal welding hood, tape measure, first pair of gloves, welding sleeves or jacket, medium ball pein hammer, chipping hammer (if arc welding), wire cutters (whelpers) if MIG. Company furnishes other tools - they don't like it - tell them to weld it themselves.