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06-26-2011, 12:17 AM
Sigh. Long story short, my HSM dabblings are of the designing-mountaineering/rock climbing-equipment variety and I'm supposed to be leaving tomorrow afternoon for a couple days of field testing the design I've been working on pretty much full time since October. Naturally the last thing that needs to be done is to threadmill #10-32 onto the ends of a couple 1/4" 4340 axles prior to oil quench&temper (I need full thread depth to a shoulder, hence threadmilling it) and what happens.... the computer running Mach3 dies. Completely dead, no Post info on the monitor when booting, HD making bad noises, swaping monitors and removing/reseating all the cards/memory/CPU makes no difference....

8 months of work, 2 hours from being finished, and I'm stuck because I don't have another computer in the house with a freaking parallel
port or header on the MB (already checked that).



06-26-2011, 12:49 AM
And of course, no sooner than I post this I go downstairs to turn off the lights and give it one more try.... On-board video shows POST on the new monitor and then goes to unsupported-resolution (or something like that). Throw the video card back in and the damned thing boots properly to safe mode. And then boots properly to full res.

No idea if it'll work again come morning, and frankly I don't care. That computer's being replaced, most likely with the nice, fast one I have upstairs (which lacks a parallel port) plus a smoothstepper or somesuch.

In happier news, my wife and I looked at a house today with the intention of renting it out, and the garage was filled with all sorts of nifty old machinery. The roof was falling in, so I didn't get to look to close but at the very least I saw a nice small art-deco-ish floor drill press, a large-ish metalworking bandsaw, a couple job-boxes with lord knows what in them and possibly a jig borer. Dunno if we'll put an offer on the house, but I'll be damned sure to be there when the owners are tossing stuff in the dumpster.... :eek: :D