View Full Version : Paging Carld...shear tool questions

08-18-2011, 10:23 PM

Have had a bit of time to play around with the shear tool (re: finish quality) so questions...

1] have you found it more sensitive to the parameters than other HSS lathe tool bits? DOC, feed rate e.g.

2] related to # 1, have you found the angles ground on the bit need to be quite exact?

3] what has your experience been with "chip" clearance? I put chip in quotes because they are so fine esp compared to even other tools that I have been calling, "finishing"...I mean certainly not even small chips flying off...have you had any situation where, for example, the chips produced have cleared the work/cutting edge so poorly the finish has been compromised?

4] related to # 3, are you using any cutting fluid or just dry?

Thanks a bunch for previous input re: shear tools, it made quite the improvement (I am somewhat happy/satisfied enough to move on) though I am still waiting to finish the backgearing which will allow slower speeds...right now I am about a 100 rpm or so fast, even so, great improvements :D