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08-21-2011, 07:49 PM
Picture is kinda blurry, but you get the general idea, it now straddles the "truck" so I can use bigger wheels on the Loaded end to jump gravels and small rocks.

To be added, a scissor jack adjusted "tongue" to go to the tractor, or el Camino hitch. Move heavy things around the yard.

I calculated the load not to exceed 1000lbs. Tubing across is .25 wall four inch OD.
Rear square tube is from a industrial bin rack for pallets. Not quite as thick.

Wheels spindles are from a old Honda civic I parted out. Inner-casters are for when I get a flat while loaded.. and it will happen, so it won't roll over on me.. as quickly. There is 3.50x4" tired swivel castors there to put on the rear, but... one won't air up. So.. repair before attaching them.

That 1" threaded rod in the boom arm, adjusts the inner 2x2 slider in and out. BUT does not work real well while loaded, too much friction.. needs UHMW..

I'll add walk boards on the outriggers to use while working on tall vehicles like 1 ton trucks, 4x4s.. you just need about a foot or so.. Set on and off.

A much better plan would be to add a engine crane upright to a tow dolly.. and put flooring cross members in/out to move mills, and harleys.. THE outrigger legs are kinda thin.. about 1/8" or so.. would twist under heavy loading, or impact loading like bumps.

It rolls easily across the gravel and uneven ground.. The intention of the larger wheels.. If I had a "large enough shop" the overflow would not go outside in the drive. I got a buddy with a chicken house.. it's full of 55s, 56, 57 chevys.. he says it is too small.. at 350 feet long.. so...

I've had this crane on a 1 ton dump in a rotary, insurance was killin me. (drove twice in one year on street) Had it on the front of a 75 swb chevy 4x4, had it on the rear, had it on the front of the F150 Shop truck I bought from WinchMan, then had it on the step bumper on the rear.. Had it on a one inch welding table for a bit on a rotary.. It's been cut apart and welded together a few times now.
It's still working out..

Ohh, and I got heat exhaustion again welding today.. ya'll be careful.

08-21-2011, 09:22 PM
Dave you always post some interesting topics,, much appreciated.

Waitin to see a few pics of the 57 pickup when she's ready to "ROCK"!!!:cool:

08-23-2011, 08:43 PM

Whoo wiieee.. MOved a motorcycle engine powered gocart in and moved TWO of these 4.3's across the road, THE tongue is not adjustable yet, I have to machine some parts. THE front set the el Camino down enough to drop the casters on the ground. IN his rutty driveway, it is not a perfect design. Needs a walkboard like between the lower legs to LOWER the engine onto.

Tomorrow? if I feel as good as I did today I'm gonna give it a real stress test.. hang the 120lb century bag from it and kick the crap out of it. I tried to hang it on the porch here, and had to re-sheetrock over screws all over the house.