View Full Version : Milling spindle ideas

10-08-2011, 10:42 AM
John's thread about his little mill, along with watching a motorised spindle on ebay, has reminded me about this item I acquired a couple of years ago:-



I got it with the idea of making a self-powered spindle to go on the lathe, along the lines of the 'Quick-step' milling device but a bit beefier to go on the Dickson T3 toolpost, but it has just sat on the shelf since I got it as there have always been more pressing things to do.

It has an ER32 chuck. The spiral bevel gear has 17 teeth on about 35mm major diameter. The head is symmetrical, in that the circular T-slots and register bore are the reproduced on the other face.

Does anyone recognise what it's come from?
Obviously the easy way to drive it would be to find a matching bevel gear as a starting point, is it likely to be a more or less standard gear, or a special?