View Full Version : 9" Rong Fu cold saws?

10-19-2011, 11:43 PM
Anybody got one,how do you like it?

I have a bunch of parts I do regularly mostly Aluminum and Brass where I could shave some time off if I didn't have to mill the bandsawed ends.

The size,capacity and price are right,but are there any pitfalls?

There is nothing used anywhere nearby that isn't worn out or over priced.


10-20-2011, 01:09 AM
Seems like with a 9" blade you'd hardly have any room for cutting. My take is that would be too small.

10-20-2011, 04:56 AM
Looks like its speced for around 1" stock.. the 52rpm speed definately makes it a cold saw. Kinda overpriced.. Id go with a bandsaw for sure, unless you really need a damn good finish on the cut.

10-20-2011, 11:18 AM
I have one of those. I use it almost exclusively for cutting thin-wall tubing which it does well. When I first got it, I experimented with cutting solid rounds, etc. As long as you stay within capacity, it does pretty well. A few suggestions...

*Bolt it down! These don't weigh much and like to bounce around your bench when cutting solids.
*Deal with the screw that acts as a downfeed stop. It is just a simple screw threaded into the casting with a nut to hold position. As the saw is used (and vibrates) it simply never stays put. It'll vibrate its position up as well as down.
*The coolant system is not well contained. When used with necessary flow the coolant follows the blade around and sprays off the end of the wheel guard right onto the operator/floor. I fixed this by installing a loc-line hose to better direct the flow.
*Use the coolant hose to clear the vise screw of chips when shutting down the saw for the day. The screw is exposed and the chips make it jam if not cleared. It is quite easy to disassemble the vise to clean the screw, but then you have to re-align the blade.

Due to the capacity restraints, it is really more of a specialty machine---you're in hacksaw territory, after all. If you have a use that it fulfills within that, it is quite a bargain in comparison to the larger coldsaws. There are some points to flush out as mentioned above. That is what I expect from a Rong Fu. In my experience, though, once that is done machines by this manufacturer perform reliably well.

noah katz
10-20-2011, 06:52 PM
For aluminum and maybe brass too you could use a table saw or miter saw, with a regular or metal blade.

Harbor Freight sells a 7 1/4" cutting blade that's pretty decent; even works on steel


It cuts a bit under 2" on my 10" table saw