View Full Version : Machinist's Psalm

10-22-2011, 11:50 PM
My father had this hanging in his Tool & Mold shop and above his toolbox for many years when he worked the bench. When he passed away back in 2002, I took it to put it in my garage shop. Enjoy!!

The lord is my Machinist;
I shall not want.
He secures me on his bench;
He dips me in the cleansing solutions;
He retempers my steel.
He sets my parts in line so I may run true---
For he is true.

Yea though I am worthy to be thrown on the scrap heap
I shall not be afraid,
For he knows I can be restored;
His mills and his molds they will refashion me.
He shines my bearings;
My motors hum.
Surely strength and service will mark my days
And I shall be useful to my Machinist

W. Clarke MacDonald