View Full Version : Win a KX1 CNC mill at Cabin Fever Expo, Jan 13, 2012

12-21-2011, 11:46 AM
This year we will be doing another seminar, with a raffle to win a KX1 CNC milling machine from Little Machine Shop

The seminar is titled "CNC for the model Engineer, from art to part" We will show you how to take a part drawing from a printed article or book, plan the work holding, develop the Gcode needed to run the part, then setup the mill and run the part. We will show several examples, running each one right to making the parts. We will be using Cut2D from Vectric as well as the Mach wizards to make the parts.

The Seminar will be conducted by Ron Ginger and Brian Barker.

Seating is limited to fit the classroom, so everyone will have a good view of the work, and a good chance at winning. Ticket sales are by Little Machine Shop, so visit their web for the details. Tickets are $60, with $10 of that for admission to the Expo, so with one ticket you are good for the seminar, the auction and 2 days to see the expo. Last year tickets sold out well before the seminar, so if you want to be there get your ticket early.

This year Tormach has added a great second prize of $750 worth of Tormach Quick Change tooling. Additionally there will be copies of Mach3 and Cut2d. You do not have to be present to win, so if you are simply a gambling man you can have a chance to win a mill worth over $4000 for a $60 ticket. But you would miss the Ron and Brian Show :-)

Cabin Fever Expo is always a great event, the seminar is a nice addition to let you learn something and maybe win a great prize. Someone is going home with a KX1 milling machine, complete with a Tormach PC.


12-27-2011, 08:24 AM
Its getting close now, just over 2 weeks to go. The last message I had from Little Machine Shop said tickets were selling well, so dont miss your chance for a good seminar and chance to win a nice CNC mill.

I also have one new prize, a new ethernet based smoothstepper.