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03-06-2012, 10:14 AM
I have a 1930 Model O heavy 9 that someday I would like to add a taper attachment to it in the future. It is my understanding that most of the Heavy 10 parts fit this lathe, with the exception of the headstock/tailstock and steady/follow rests. Is this true, or is it going to a problem finding this accessory?

03-06-2012, 02:56 PM
This does not specifically answer your question...however...

Whether you have difficulty finding a specific taper attachment can depend a little bit on how "original" you want to keep the machine...of those pieces you list (Heavy 10 that don't fit on that 9") what is it about them that doesn't fit?
And how tough is it to find an original Heavy 10 taper attachment? If it needs adapting to some extent, is that OK?
I suspect the chances of you finding a taper attachment originally meant specifically for a Heavy 9 are pretty remote. And clearly a Heavy 10 one will cost you some dollars too.

The first of those is sort of a rhetorical question (isn't it because the height difference as opposed to width of way etc.?) the point being, from what I have read, the plane of the taper attachment has to be in/on plane with the lathe bedways so does this effect if the taper attachment from a Heavy 10 will fit that 9" or not? To me, the plane issue is a height one, not lateral position.

That is the first part and I bring it up because there are a few threads around various sites about building a taper attachment, so if you wanted the functionality and did not mind a non-original part, you could go that route.

Gotta think it would be close...if need be, can you live with adapters? For all I know it could be as simple as slotting some holes at the attachment points...I get the feeling you will become the resident expert on how the various components of South Bend taper attachments fit together and align with other lathe parts ;)

03-07-2012, 09:43 AM
Thanks for the thought on this, I to think that because the heavy 9 has the same way width as the heavy 10, that the taper attachment will work. I would love to find an original taper attachment for the lathe, but the odds in that are extremely high. I don't see how the difference in hight would be a factor. I just don't want to spend dollers for an attachment the I have to modify it and find that it won't work effectively.


03-07-2012, 11:04 AM

I don't see how the difference in hight would be a factor

Going strictly by what I have read, I think the height or a difference in height, has to do with the potential for binding of the sliding portions of the taper attachment as the taper is cut along its length (the movement)...if it is not in the same plane (height as the ways) is there not a slight change in angles etc. as it moves?
Sorry, my math at this advanced level is pretty weak...I THINK if it is a different height, you are adding another dimension and does not that mean some precision could also be lost?

I guess my thinking was, IF that height thing is important, just the mounting points for the taper attachment may need to be tweaked. And if removing material care would need to be taken in not removing too much.

You know, now that I think about it more, provided there is no binding, for whatever reason, that the operation of the taper attachment is smooth and accurate throughout its range, I am not sure why the being in plane thing would matter either.