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03-14-2012, 07:44 PM
i posted this on another site but figured id post it here aswell

my 6x machine is working great still with the cheapy $15 bearing . done a bunch of stuff and it is as smooth as i figure i can get . im sure $100000 machines would do better .id hope.
so ...some idiot was in my shop this morning and did some work while he was half asleep .... but it made a nice looking finish on a part that was only .003-.002 thick in many places.. i was surprised . the two round holes were cut first , then the cuts around the out side . part is 1.2 deep .about 3.5'' long ,

the part on the bottom is what it should look like but some how i grabbed a 9/16 cutter insted of the 1/2''..... i mean the half asleep idiot grabbed it:)
so next time your going to do some work be awake . it helps ! and look at the machine at some point and seee if its doing what you told it .

not sure what finish others get on better machines but still happy with this x6 syil . some problems with dirt when i first got it and a few parts needing help . but works well now.

does this look like a good finish for a cnc machine? its just aluminum , or as some say lunium.


03-14-2012, 10:19 PM
Ah, new meaning to the term "thin wall" or was that"EXTRA thin wall?:D :D