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05-01-2012, 08:56 AM
First I see a lot of other members doing rolling block projects. I've got a 30-06 barrel and think it would be perfect for a rolling block rifle. The question is where to obtain rolling block actions?

Secondly, up to this point I've done primarily media blasting with glass beads. I've got a pistol I want to Duracoat and that requires sand blasting, but I'm uncertain as to what grit (or ever how it's graded) sand to get.

Any help Friends?

Al Messer
05-01-2012, 05:40 PM
IF this is an original Remington action, I would be afraid of converting it to a cartridge having the breech pressure of a .30-06 as they were not designed for this type of pressures.


05-02-2012, 03:20 AM
If you are looking for a decent rolling block action try simpsons LTD do it by google.Most rolling blocks have some wear over the years. Plan on making new pins for the hammer and breechblock. Grade 8 bolts work great for this. However your rolling block action is in no way shape or form strong enough to withstand the pressures generated by the 30-06 cartridge. I would treat a old rolling block the same as I would treat a trapdoor springfield. 25,000 psi. Now some of the later models like the #5 which was designed around such cartridges such as 7mm mauser, 30-40 krag,303 british, 8mm lebel. But even with the newer stronger rolling block actions cannot take the pressures generated by the 30-06. The older rolling blocks are fine for such cartridges as 45/70, 38-55, 50-70, 32-40. These are all low pressure cartridges and loaded with either blackpowder or reduced charges of smokeless powder. I hope that this has been of some help. Frank

05-02-2012, 07:45 AM
Al and Frank, I had a "gut feeling" that old rolling block actions were being used. I too agree that the 06 would be way too much chamber pressure for one of those. Thanks for the feedback! I've got enough problems without having a catastrophic failure. I had one with a M16, didn't get hurt, but had to double check to see if I'd wet my breeches.

05-02-2012, 07:04 PM
Your 30 caliber barrel could still be used on a Roller...chamber it in 30-30. Moderate pressure, and no magazine or carrier assemblies to limit bullet shape or seating depth.


05-03-2012, 03:04 AM
John, I always see threads like how strong is my rolling block? I would never in a hundred years tell the poster ok go ahead while knowing fully that this person has absolutely no idea (no insult intended) what could possibly happen if his latest creation was fired. A #5 action which was used for cartridges such as the 7mm mauser, 303 british, 8mm lebel could indeed function well as a 30-30. Do not get the 1x10 twist but get the 1x12 twist. You will possibly get a little more velocity and pressures will be lower and you won't be "twist Limited" twist limited is when the rifling twist is so fast that you are limited as to how fast the bullet can be pushed, pressures will be higher and accuracy could very well be disappointing. As an example the twist on the swedish mauser is like 1x7.8 or something very similar. Gents who use castbullets report it is very difficult to get velocities over 1700-1800 feet per second.they do have to watch their pressures and accuracy while sometimes is amazing could be better with a slower twist. There was a story about an arsenal worker who noted that barrels coming off one particular rifling machine shot extremely well. He check it and found out it was turning out barrels with 1x11 twist. His boss had him reset it to the specified twist. These rolling blocks are over a centruy old. Some even older. I have a danish one that is dated 1875 then in 1892 it was given a new breech block, hammer, new cross pins and the whole reciever was re-heattreated and rebarreled in the 8x58R a danish cartridge. But basically it is still an 1867 design. That's what a lot of folks do not understand. When they are made of modern materials it's still and 1867 design. Yes it might be stronger but when was it designed. Sorry for the rant and hope no insult was intended or implied. I like folks with two eyes and all their fingers. Frank

05-03-2012, 08:52 AM
Frank, no insult taken here. I've always believed that two heads are better than one. If I put a question to a forum, I expect replies that are harsh reality. I like having all my fingers and my eyes.