View Full Version : Birmingham CT 1440 G found the problem

05-14-2012, 07:27 PM
I finally did some more testing this weekend using a wiring diagram for a "Grizzly" as a guide. Tested the switch, jog, e-stop button, and everything looked good. That led to the fwd/rev switches actuated by the linkage and cam from the apron lever. Thought I had found the problem then realized one was installed "backwards" to the other. Still no joy. Then I thought possibly the cam wasn't completely opening the switch. I decided to switch the wires on the wire bus from the fwd/rev switches to test the cam. The cam was releasing the switch, but reversing the wires reversed the relays for fwd/rev. The same relay was sticking. That meant it had to be a mechanical issue with the relay instead of a wiring issue.

I searched the internet several times this weekend and could not find a C-16G relay/contactor. I finally remembered that Matt at Quality Machine Tools had said to call him back if I found the faulty parts. Just got off the phone ordering a "generic" replacement.

Finally I'll be able to shut down my lathe when I want to instead of when it wants to.:D

Thanks for all the help and suggestions,

05-14-2012, 08:19 PM
Great you got the problem sorted out!!

Now YOU have complete control again!!:D