View Full Version : tool room and 2nd operation lathes

09-07-2012, 10:35 AM
I see these descriptions on ebay and am not sure what they imply! What is a "tool room" lathe, and a "second operation" lathe; and what are their limitations?

michigan doug
09-07-2012, 01:29 PM
"tool room" lathe used to mean a lathe that could produce work to closer tolerances than the lathes used for general duty out on "the floor" of the factory. It lived in the tool room and was used for special one-off goodies, often...tools. They also often included extra gadgets that you might not see out on the regular lathes. They might have a higher top speed. They might have better bearings, they might have been cared for better. They might have a heavier base, or wider ways.

These days, it might or might not mean anything. I think some brands might just stick that label on a lathe because they think they can charge more then.

2nd op lathes were designed to do something besides the main operation or roughing out. It might have less distance between centers. It sort of depends what the second operation was. It might not even have a tailstock. It's to perform repetitive specialty operations without having to change your setups, as you would on a more general purpose lathe.