View Full Version : Anyone know how to take apart a Whitney Model 12 punch?

J Tiers
10-14-2012, 08:37 PM
My just-bought $20 Whitney #12 punch is pretty dirty from storage, although the working parts seem good, and it punched a nice 9/32 hole in 12 ga metal without the least strain.

The lever/screw assembly needs to come out for cleaning, and it appears that there is a set screw for it. But I am not sure what all is released by that, so I thought I would ask first, in case there are more pieces than I expect.... like maybe ball bearings, or other nasty surprises.

Apparently this will put a 9/32 hole in 1/4" plate, although I am not so sure I want to pull that hard......

I already figured out how to change punches & dies (only have the one set, so far), takes a full turn to let the punch be pulled, after the nut is released. And one set screw holds the die.

Nice, though, I think punches could fairly easily be made for this.... I may not need to haunt ebay (which I am not a member of anyway).

10-15-2012, 12:09 AM
No, I don't know how to take it apart. I have a couple #10's that must have spent time under a grinding machine. They feel like they're full of grit.

So far all I've done is look to see if there's an easy way. I do see the set screw.

A call to Roper-whitney might help although my past experience has been if the item is not on their current site they deny any knowledge of it.

If you need punches/dies PM me I have lots and lots of extra sets.

J Tiers
10-15-2012, 12:52 AM
Well, it's a ball screw, which I pretty much figured.

You remove the handle, take out the cap screw, then lift off the handle from the hex, and remove the shield cap. Then take out the THREE set screws, and with a wrench, or the handle, turn the screw until it hits something solid. That should be about one turn and a bit from the closed position, and it hits a bushing

There is a narrow bronze bushing, which if you turn some more, ignoring the hard stop, will press out if the set screws are out. The set screws nominally hold it in, but mine was quite siezed from the set screws, or from dirt. etc.


As you continue to unscrew the screw, quite a number of balls will come out with the screw. The entire assembly in mine is filthy, and the screw and balls went right into the purple cleaner tank.

So far I do not know how to put the balls back in, but there obviously is a way. I'll handle that when it is cleaned up, and then I'll post some pics.

yes, I do need more punches, so I'll PM you later. Gotta clean up now and hit the sack, to be up @ 6AM.

J Tiers
10-15-2012, 02:04 AM
I lied.... laundry is still running, so I am still up.... here's pics.

The ring is not bronze, but steel (mine has a crack, but that doesn't seem to be an issue).

I decided to just have at it.... "couldn't be that complicated, right?". And really it isn't, but it could be a bit surprising if all the balls came out unexpectedly. I counted 19 in mine, do not think I lost any.

Pic of all the parts laid out in general order, including punch and die. The two odd looking things to right, are feet to stabilize the punch on teh sheet. They have locking set screws, which you see in the pic.
Screw bushing has 3 set screws, die has one. punch holder has reverse (LH) threads.

Closeup of balls and ball screw. matching screw thread is inside the frame.

10-15-2012, 10:48 AM
I have a roper-whitney 20s punch taken apart out in the garage. On the 20S the ball race shaft mounts inside a threaded sleeve. The sleeve is threaded 12 tpi the entire length on the od and threads into the body casting, the sleeve has bearing races machined into the ID. The sleeve is split from end to end. Whitney quoted $215 for a replacement sleeve. They were helpful getting me parts diagrams and parts pricing - I just have not decided if I want to fix it ( I have no use for it, but it might make a good trade item)

10-15-2012, 07:37 PM
so I am still up.... here's pics.Thank you for those.

I have hand-held Whitney punches and a number of larger manual lever-action
units but I didn't know about the ones like yours with this ballscrew mechanism.


J Tiers
10-17-2012, 11:08 PM
DR: you have a PM......

I successfully punched a hole in 3/16" A-36 steel, although I had to pull pretty hard, and the work didn't strip off the punch well. I had to actually remove the punch with the work and pound it out of the work with a piece of 1018 rod. The punch seems to be duller and more tapered than I originally thought. or maybe it is dull now, but wasn't so much before? It is a Whitney punch, but might have gotten softened somehow, maybe by sharpening.

So yes, I am looking for punch and die sets if anyone has extras.