View Full Version : O/T: Need to Pay Someone Near Royal Palm Beach, FL: to pickup a small machine TODAY

11-02-2012, 04:33 AM
I have found a small machine I want to buy in Royal Palm Beach. I would like to Paypal or Western Union or Wire Transfer someone the money for the machine, and I'd also pay the person $75 or whatever is neccessary to pick it up and hold it for me until early this coming week.

I am up in Valdosta GA right now working on a machine that will go back to the Marine Corps Base at Albany, GA. I cannot leave today until after 12 noon.

I have 160 positive feedback on Ebay, and I can supply other information so you know I'm not a scammer. I just need someone who is trustworthy to pay for the machine, pick it up, and the let me come get.

The machine is an older, small, antique machine that is a table top unit and is not heavy, it should be loadable by one man or two, and can fit into a hatchback or SUV or truck.

The man who has the machine is moving to Okeechobee, and doesn't want to move it, and I can get it for a good price. It's rare in my area, though hardly all that desirable machine.

I need someone who is close enough for me to pay, to go get it, and then let me come pick it up early this coming week.

The machine itself is no bigger than Atlas Shaper. Maybe a little smaller.

I put this up on Practical Machinist, too. I'm desperate as I'm out of time and there were problems getting on post at Albany due to security issues(apply for your base pass 4 days in advance) and I am just helping a friend who is the DOD contractor with the repair. I can't leave in time to get the machine today and this man wants this machine gone today, before the afternoon.

I will check back here after 8am. My cellphone number is 828-644-3713.

I could drive down today after I get this done, but he wants the machine gone before 5pm, and even if I get done by noon, I couldn't make it on time. Tomorrow won't work either as he's got to be out of his place tonight.

Maybe I get lucky and find someone, maybe I won't.

I'm also using my Internet's VPN, so I may not be able to check in on this thread until 8am or after.

Thank you.

Black Forest
11-02-2012, 07:36 AM
What is the zip code of the city?

I found the town. My people are in Arcadia and cannot take the time to go that far. Sorry.