View Full Version : Setting the Boring Head to dead on; with Lathe DRO

Ron of Va
11-28-2012, 09:34 AM
I was doing a project and setting up my boring head for the Milling Machine to hit a particular diameter dead on. (Good enough for me anyway) I had not seen this method before so I decided to share the method in case anyone else could use it.

I use the DRO on my lathe.

First I insert a known diameter bar in my lathe chuck. I like to use a 1.000 stainless bar.
After installing a dial indicator in the tool post, I move the dial indicator into bar until it makes one revolution back to zero.

Then input 1.000 in the X axis in the DIAMETER mode.

Then back off the cross slid to the diameter you want. (Or move forward for smaller than one inch.)
Insert the boring head in the chuck, and adjust the boring bar until the tip of the dial indicator presses against the tip of the tool, and makes one complete revolution back to zero. In this case I set the diameter to .960 for the project.

That is it. Here is the result.