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12-16-2012, 01:28 PM

Check it out!

Link to the thread on the garage journal website. (http://www.garagejournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=51837)

Their homepage. (http://www.ninetyninesigns.com/barnproject/h2ome33.html)

Can you top that? ;-)



12-16-2012, 03:30 PM
Nice work on that barn. There is one just lke it on my neighbor's lot. That style is commonly used for horses with a dirt floor and stables on each side. With a concrete floor, it will make a nice shop. I have a 24 X 36 Dutch Barn for my shop. It's hard to beat a barn of any style for a workshop.

72, huh? Man, that's terribly old, don't you think? :D

12-16-2012, 04:38 PM
I just spent the better part of 2hours going through all the pictures on their website. That is an amazing project for that couple. What they have done is build a finally crafted barn that baring mother natures fury will stand 100years at least.

Harold Mulder

12-16-2012, 04:43 PM
I love that - awesome pride in their work. Look how tidy their lot is even after pouring that concrete. I've yet to see a concreting contractor that didn't mess the ground up around the pour to some degree or another but that looks like someone just dropped it on the lawn with a helicopter.

12-16-2012, 06:03 PM
Thats a nice barn!
I wonder if they will finish it!
Hope so!


12-16-2012, 08:51 PM
72? They were only 66 when they started! I'd better get moving...

12-17-2012, 09:01 AM
Inspiring to say the least. Garage Journal(?) You have to love the internet.

12-17-2012, 04:04 PM
I cant top it, but I sure can appreciate all the bloody work.

Here's my recent history in a few shots, slow but in my defence its only been my hands on the tools apart from the main concrete pour day. We had planned to buy it, and get a mortgage to pay a renovation company to convert it, but the bank said no, even though I already owned a house outright of more value than we wanted to borrow and could pay the loan back within 5 years... But regardless, carried on and stupid enough to buy this and do all the work myself. I was probably 6 months doing interior demolition and groundworks, then we had to put in waste systems, get mains water to the house and bring it in, build a entirely new inside (the only bits left were the main truss and the barn's original exterior walls), then this year the building at the block demolished and the yard knocked into shape. Next year just 3 bedrooms, a septic filter bed and some land drains for the 1/2 acre of bog we call a "garden". :-


There is where we are at now. Patio etc to go down next spring as I've missed the weather this year now.

Literally at putting in the last two windows at the front, and finishing building 3 bedrooms. We live in the right hand upstairs, and the whole of the downstairs now. The osb patch is the outer edge of a form for the window casing that I'm due to pour when the weather stops looking as dodgy for freezing.

I have lots of pics, but one day ill finish it and upload them in order somewhere. But its been one hell of a adventure. And its all mine, the banks can go get stuffed, who needs credit.

12-17-2012, 08:15 PM
I like it.:)

12-19-2012, 04:47 PM

Check it out!

Link to the thread on the garage journal website. (http://www.garagejournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=51837)

Their homepage. (http://www.ninetyninesigns.com/barnproject/h2ome33.html)

Can you top that? ;-)



Hi everyone.
Just registered and would like to take this opportunity to thank DannyW and the others that have posted about our project. Also all of the MANY others that clicked on our website and viewed the work to date. We hope you all enjoyed your visits.
Happy Holidays to all.
Lin and Dave

12-19-2012, 07:34 PM
72? They were only 66 when they started! I'd better get moving...

Actually we were 68, but you are right, little up there to start a project of that size. However, it wasn't supposed to last as long as it has. Might say I got a bit carried away with the whole thing.
But we do not have a time clock installed at the site and just ourselves to please. Today we only worked a couple of hours to add another tarp because of a storm that is coming tonight. But still it is Dec. 19th and we are able to be out there working.
Thanks to you all for looking
Lin and Dave

12-21-2012, 12:19 PM
New on this forum, and not sure what happened to my first post, so will try posting it again.
Big thanks to DannyW for posting the link to our web site. Not sure how you found us, but, thanks. Also thanks to all of you that have posted and or viewed. We hope that you have enjoyed the visits.
I too have some strong interest in machining and am excited that it worked out this way. Have already read thru some very interesting threads.
Happy Holidays to all.

michigan doug
12-21-2012, 12:24 PM

Stop by often, we're a helpful bunch. You can even learn from the occasional spats.

Excellent work you are doing. Keep it up!


John Garner
12-21-2012, 02:40 PM
MrFluffy --

I'm curious where your make-a-home-out-of-it project is located.