View Full Version : Q: lathe DRO / Goodwin or similar

12-17-2012, 07:25 AM
Christmas is here and I figure its a good excuse as any to finally DRO my lathe
(Colchester Student). I'm looking at a "Goodwin" brand (UK) as they sell the whole
kil for the Colchester, brackets, screws, shims, etc at what seems to be a reasonable
price. (~$500, 2 axis).

Here's the link: http://www.gtprecision.co.uk/product.htm

Am trying to make heads/tails of the manual and had a potentially silly question.

The DRO seems to have an "R" function that I think steps you through milling inside
and outside radii.

I'm wondering if this would also work on a lathe? IE I zero both axes, give it a radius
and the DRO steps me through turning a ball, for example.

I have an older (Heidenhain) DRO for the bridgy but it has no special functions
(unless you consider on/off special :) ) -- and have been looking forward to a DRO
on the lathe for a while.

Anyone know?