View Full Version : Loaded the newer Alibre..... Boy howdy, they sure changed THAT

J Tiers
02-27-2013, 01:03 AM
yes indeedy they did..... went from a 2009 version to the 2012, and couldn't even find the help, save, import, export, or whatever.....

I surely hope I can move those toolbars.... the M4300 has a wide-format screen, and with them at the top I can design pogo sticks and ballpoint pens (as long as they are laid down) , but not stuff that is squareish or tall.....

The good news is that what I DID find seems to work at least as well as it used to. And the Dell M4300 is a little faster than the old D600.

The maybe not so good news is that they moved me from the "standard" edition I had with the old one to the "personal" edition.....with teh 2012 version. I think that's a step back, but am not sure. At least most of the import/export seems to function if it did before. i'm not 100% sure of that yet.

And it didn't render the part colors that were set up.... dunno why yet.

Norman Bain
02-27-2013, 02:55 PM
The 2012 version was released around November 2011.

Topics discussing the presence of the new ribbon toolbars (are they good or bad and the checkbox settings to remove them) has of course been extensively discussed and documented.

The link below is to an excellent post on the Alibre Forum titled "How to go back to the old look". It has screen shots of the setting screen that has the checkboxes for "Use Ribbon" and also "Hide Menu".


Personally I like the new ribbons. I especially like the way a "mouse hover" over an icon there brings up a large graphic showing the steps and outcomes of using that tool.

For me I think trying to use any CAD package on a laptop screen is a bit like trying to browse the internet on a mobile phone ... just too tiny. I do have Alibre installed on one of my laptops as it is portable; but I soon came to find it better (easier) to plug in a larger monitor (and a mouse for that matter) when doing CAD work for any length of time.

02-27-2013, 04:21 PM
In the extreme right hand corner, where the red X is located, just below the red X you will see a blue ? mark (which is for help).

Just to the left of the ? mark you will see a small arrow head pointed upward. Click on that and you will gain a lot of real estate.

The little arrow head is now pointed down, click on it again and the ribbons will come back.


J Tiers
02-27-2013, 09:11 PM
The Alibre forums folks pointed me at the "way back from insanity". I ditched the ribbons and reclaimed the screen, tossing out those homeless programmers who were squatting on it.

I must say, I tried to locate the info in the help, even though I KNEW what I was searching for, and I STILL couldn't find it in the help..... would have taken quite a while to find it searching all the drop-downs.

All is just like last week now (only faster and larger), and the client files opened as usual.

Laptop screen? Well, once those crazy ribbons are gone, and tool bars are moved to the sides, all is well. If your laptop has a higher res 15" screen as this does, you don't tend to have a big problem, except the problems odd programmers give you ...making you ditch their fancy new stuff for the reliable old stuff.

And at about 3x faster, both for CAD and for electronic simulations, no problem that way either. High speed dual core, old tech though it may be, is still fast.

And at the price I paid for this machine, I am not complaining one itty bitty squawk.

Maybe it is from using CAD for so long, but once a few basic items were grasped, my time from-dummy-to-productive-use was extremely short with Alibre. It's often like that, a couple concepts unlock the whole thing.

I suppose a day did it, once I dug the basic plan, which took a couple evenings.

Thanks for the offers of help, but I think I am OK at this point..... I surely wasn't gonna like the ribbons....