View Full Version : How much does home brew type 2 anodizing improve corrosion resistance???

michigan doug
05-01-2013, 09:10 AM
I finally got my magic tax stamp from the BATFE and am about halfway through building a .22 caliber suppressor. Whoopie!!

Due to the various legal technicalities, once I finish the suppressor, I can't make new baffles to replace damaged, eroded or corroded ones. Unless of course I pay another $200 tax stamp... :(


I am thinking about anodizing my 6011 aluminum baffles and tube to add corrosion resistance. This would be type II anodizing, using dilute sulfuric acid and a typical battery charger/power supply. Nothing too exotic. Worth it? Or not worth it?

Any clever tricks to improve the lifespan of my baffles?

finest regards,