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04-08-2004, 08:05 PM
Well it is not machining, but I have had tremendous response from folks on this forum re: the web site http://www.hammerinhand.com
so didn't think you guys would mind too much.
Plus the heading says it all.
In a grand sweep to the other side of the historic coin, I submit the following:

Iron Symposium

Cooperstown, NY

October 9, 10, 11, 2004

This Fall will see the first ever “pre-industrial iron symposium”
Hosted by the Farmer’s Museum of Cooperstown, NY, this three day event will bring professionals and enthusiasts from across the country together to participate in
activities, demonstrations and lectures related to the production of bloomery
New York state was once a leader in the production of iron and iron
work in the United Sates and bloomery iron played an important
part in the State’s as well as the Country’s economy. Join us over Columbus
Day weekend as we explore this exciting early technology through a series of lectures
and demonstrations.
On the first day (Sat, October 9), we will light a charcoal fire, on the
second day we will fire up a smelter, and on the third we will go into the shop
to fashion an artifact from the iron we have made. Lectures and
demonstrations pertaining to the making and use of early iron will be held

We have some wonderful demonstrators lined up including:

Paul Spaulding, NY – Forge work (19th c. blacksmithing)

Lee Sauder, VA - Smelting Demo and lecture (contemporary bloomery smelting.)

Darrell Markewitz, Canada - Forge work and lecture and exhibit (Viking-age ironwork)

Daniel Kerem, Canada -Lecture, Slide show and exhibit (Iron work of the Spanish Rennaissance)

Tres Loefler, NY -Forging demo, lecture (Colonial tool

Barry Keegan, NY - Lecture, Demo (Backtracking the iron age, stone-age smithing)(Charcoal Making) (Eight ways to make fire)

Michael McCarthy - Lecture, Demo (Forging Blooms), Slide show (The blacksmith shop)

Ticket Price will $150.00 for this three day event, and will include
breakfast and lunch on each day. One day tickets are $75. Any specific lecture can be
attended for $5. Call Karen Wyckoff at 1-607-547-1410 or 1.888.547.1450 for Registration and Details.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me! michael@hammerinhand.com (or leave message with Karen)

Se you there!