View Full Version : Super Precision Steady Rest for Atlas / Craftsman 6" X 18" Lathe

john hobdeclipe
09-25-2013, 10:02 PM
Several months ago I bought this Craftsman lathe with the idea of donating the headstock to another project and parting out the rest. But I have an ongoing project now that justifies it's own little lathe, so I put it all back together and put it to work. I had forgotten about this steady rest that came with it until just a few days ago. It looks well built and very precise. If anyone wants measurements I'll be glad to make something up.



I guess I shouldn't laugh...ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

09-25-2013, 10:10 PM

That was most likely a free hand cut so I would applaud the fellow who made it...he was torch wise and had a steady hand. Fun stuff for sure..thanks!


09-25-2013, 10:16 PM
I was going to say the same thing,
about for freehand cutting, it looks
pretty good. I would use it. And
heck, it is only for a wet noodle lathe.
I bet it makes it much more rigid.
http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i169/kooldoozer/IMG_0257.jpg (http://s72.photobucket.com/user/kooldoozer/media/IMG_0257.jpg.html)
This is my wet noodle 10" Atlas making an axle
for my monster dirt bike. I adapted a steady
from an 11" Rockwell lathe. I could hardly notice
the totally shot babbit headstock bearings when
running this steady. :)


09-27-2013, 03:38 PM
Other than the one support finger pointing a bit askew, that's not a bad effort. If the surface that contacts the bed is flat I'd be inclined to improve the fingers and use it. I'm more about function over form. I need a steady for my 6" Atlas and now have a good model to work from. Thanks.

09-27-2013, 07:10 PM
That sparks some great ideas for the cnc table. How does a plasma cut haz machine?