View Full Version : Big old mill for sale in Rochester...

12-01-2013, 03:16 AM
Not affiliated with the seller blah blah blah, it's a nice machine but just too darn big for my needs.


Wish I had room, I'd love something like this in my workshop.

12-01-2013, 07:27 AM
K&T is on my wish list as well..price a little steep? Found a Cincy and a Milwaukee of roughly same vintage for $5000 to $7000 less but also some that are roughly the same...have no real clue since I am not actively looking but isn't that getting close to viable used CNC cost?

12-01-2013, 08:22 AM
I'd really love a #1 K&T vertical mill.
The ones that look like a Hobart dough
mixer. So cute.


12-01-2013, 12:19 PM
I've never seen so many lathes and mills on St Louis Craigslist before. Here's some Kearney &Treckers:
$1000, $2000 and $4000 and another one for $2750.

12-01-2013, 12:53 PM

I've spent a fair amount of quality time with old K&T mills over the years. A great choice if you need bigger table travels and want to really move some steel. After running one you would understand why Bridgeports are nothing more than lightweight, under powered, limp noodles suitable only for small children.:p

Be cautious of the hydraulic feed versions as they very often don't work and and leak like sieves. And they are frustratingly nearly impossible to fix quite right. Though I have gotten close a few times. Bad feeds and rapids are often the reason these are for sale.


12-01-2013, 01:15 PM
The 3rd one down is the fabled K&T Die mill, one of the best manual mills ever made. It's what we had for CNC before there was CNC. The other almost CNC was hydraulic trace mills.

12-01-2013, 02:03 PM
$14.5K seems pretty pricey.

That said, about 15 years ago a local machine tool dealer and rebuilder was rebuilding a Cincinnati mill similar in size to the K&T. The rebuild went on for a number of months. Being curious I kind of monitored the progress and would ask the workers how things were going. They were rebuilding it to factory specs, which is quite a job for an older machine. Finally when I couldn't resist any longer I asked what it was going to cost. Near completion the bill was running to $50K!!!!

At that point the obvious question was who on earth would spend that kind of money on old technology. Really not much of surprise I guess, it was a government machine.