View Full Version : Vision CNC Router Table Pin-Outs?

12-07-2013, 05:05 PM
I just acquired a Vision 2448 CNC router / engraver, and it has a proprietary controller that seems to only accept input from the manufacturer's own software. I can't just punch G-code in and let 'er rip. The system APPEARS to have a breakout board built into the table, so the controller is just sending step & direction commands and getting inputs from limit switches, etc., back into the controller, and there's a DB25 connector on the table that plugs into the controller.

Has anyone tried running a machine like this with software like Mach3? I'd like to get this set up so I can just swap 25 pin connectors between teh computer and the controller, and use either Mach (for 3D cutting) or the Vision controller (for engraving, signs, that sort of thing). I'm sure that I could just cut all the wires and supply my own breakout board and power supply, but I'd really like to avoid that if at all possible.

Anyone know the pin-outs for the table on this? It would certainly be a lot easier than digging in there with a multimeter, although I'll go that route if I have to.