View Full Version : DA tool holder nuts: tightening torque?

01-10-2014, 01:33 PM
Has anyone seen a comprehensive torque spec. chart for the DA collet series?
Does anyone here use specific torque figures for their DA tooling?

My searching led me to Kennametal's technical catalog section. Erickson, I understand, originated the DA series and is currently a subsidiary of Kennametal. Specifically, I have 100DA series tooling utilizing the 08 style nut. The Erickson/Kennametal technical section lists a single, max tightening torque of 55 lbs-ft (~75 Nm). Considering that 100DA encompasses tool holding diameters from 3/64" to 9/16", a single figure is suspect. For example, ER collets have charts with varying torque figures based on holding diameter, length of holding bore*, and type of collet**.

*small bore sizes are relieved in the back; large bore sizes are the full length.
**standard, coolant sealed, end-mill or tap specific, etc.