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08-08-2001, 01:27 AM
Howdy all:
Some years back, there were kits available to make a small benchtop shaper that operated by hand power, no motor.

Does anyone still offer such things?

I would like to have one, if it could be found


08-12-2001, 07:39 AM
I don't know about kits but I saw a few for sale in England on (I hope this is right) WWW.lathes.uk (http://WWW.lathes.uk) They had a few for about $200 they could ship. You may want to take a vacation and come east with a trailer you are very likely to find a shapper. I found a 12' yesterday for $300. (I already have a 12)

08-12-2001, 09:52 PM
Thanks for the link, I will check on it.
You guys on the East coast get all the bargains, but by the time I transport sonething like that all the way to Oregon, it aint worth it.
Mostly I want something small for limited space, the only thing I need a shaper for is to make square holes, the rest I can do on my mill
Thanks again

08-13-2001, 03:36 AM

Few years back, Gingery published a book on making a hand powered shaper. Lindsay books might be able to help you out.

Bargains, I relegate myself to small items on ebay. Am here in Missouri, smack dab in the middle, in fact I think what they say is the middle of USA is less than a hundred miles WNW from me.

Don't really need any more machines, but they have had some really neat stuff going really cheap, but alas, I restrict my hauling to 150 miles one way, and then only if it is something special.