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04-24-2002, 08:45 PM
I was just wondering as i leafed through page after page of used machinist tools etc on ebay, if this is such a waning trade why are prices not rock bottom?

04-24-2002, 09:01 PM
I get superb deals on eBay. You need to be a sharp buyer and know what something is worth new and its value in depicted condition. Its value to yourself is the final consideration. Something I would pay $2,000 for the next guy might consider not worth his time or effort.

Quality never loses its value and even thoguh those prices seem low by today's standards they are still five times higher than during WW2. Quality does endure - adopt an old machine and restore it and you have a better machine than what your new car costs.

It is all relative.

04-25-2002, 05:36 AM
Thrud is correct about quality and value.
Another thing to keep in mind is that many of these items can be 50+ years old, and still hold their value and function.

Ragarsed Raglan
04-25-2002, 05:46 AM

Couldn't agree more with your sentiments. For information to all North American readers, British prices are falling (collapsing?) on Far Eastern equipment unless it is known name top notch (e.g. Taiwanese 'Feeler' lathe - copy of the Hardinge). Prices are firming and rising on quality US and European equipment. A quick look through dealers prices for machines such as Freidrich Deckel, or Aciera F3 universal mills shows asking prices of between £2000 - £3500 ($2800 - $5000 USD). Private sales tend to be 1/2 these prices.

This compares with the new price of an Aciera F3 in 1957 of about £1000 ($1400 USD). Quality will always hold a premium and will always attract interest when the time comes to sell.

Bargains can be found - I recently purchased a Thiel Duplex 159 universal mill complete with all attachments at a factory auction. Paid £450 + 10% auction premium + Gov't Tax (17.5%!)- total £550, or just short of $800. When I went to load it up next day I had a dealer ask me how much I'd paid for it (he'd missed it, as it was a late entry into the auction and was one of the last lots to go under the hammer) - he wanted it off me and went up to £2500 cash ($3500) for it! I told him to get lost; It was mine, and at long last I'd stuffed a dealer good an' proper!!!!!!


04-25-2002, 05:55 AM
Remember, eBay is both good and bad. I've seen items go for ridiculous prices (both cheap and overpriced). Sometime the fever of winning overrides what should be a walk away.

Prices can also go higher for desirable objects since there is a larger base of competing buyers. Think of it this way. If you had a widget to sell in a small town you might find one person that is interested. You can only charge what the market will tolerate. There may be 2,000 other potential buyers world wide, but they don't know about you and you don't know about them. However, if you had a portal to reach those 2,000 buyers, suddenly your ability to to sell your widget is amplified. More people want it, therefore, the market will accept a somewhat higher price

Another effect is that eBay provides much more exposure for products. This levels the prices on objects. That may sound good, but getting a bargain is much harder since sellers are a little more educated on what the going price should be.

I have made some purchases on eBay, but my best deals are not on eBay. Those I have network for and negotiate before they become common knowledge and I have to compete with the rest of the world.


04-25-2002, 09:45 AM
Marv, You've made some very valid points there!
I've gotten a few of what I consider "real bargains" on ebay, but more often items seem to go for just about I'd say they're worth. I'm speaking only of items that I have a feel for their value.

04-25-2002, 04:19 PM
I ragged Mitutoyo at an open house about the crappy granite plate they had for a machinery show. It was one of their custom made grey granite (high quartz content like Starrett's crystal pink) plates in a 24x36x6 - it had three small chips on the edges from being moved from show to show. They asked if I would like to buy it at a greatly reduced price. I ended up getting the stand and granite for for the price of the HD stand by itself and I got a standing offer to have it recertified at no charge. I repaired the divots with some J&B marine steel putty - worked great!

04-25-2002, 04:32 PM
This might help (then again it might not?).
www.surplusrecord.com (http://www.surplusrecord.com)
www.mckeanmachinery.com (http://www.mckeanmachinery.com)