View Full Version : OT: Recent recurring problems with YouTube on Win 8.0 laptop :(

07-16-2014, 01:57 AM
A few days ago I ran into a problem where I lost sound on YouTube videos and actually all of the sound functions. I did a restart and it was OK. Then I had some problems where YouTube videos where it would start and then show a black screen saying "An error has occurred". When I went to my YouTube account I tried to watch a video and it started, then stopped, blinked, and tried to load another video in the set, and this continued until I closed the tab.

I restarted, but the problem was still present. But I restarted again, and it fixed it - for a while. Now it's happening again. I tried the recommendations to check the installation and operation of Adobe Flash Player, and all seemed OK. I found some similar problems reported on the Microsoft forums, and I added my ten cents worth:



I've had other problems that seem to indicate a problem with a memory leak or the memory management system, such as Windows Live Movie Maker showing "!" on some clips and being unable to continue, but closing and re-opening the application fixed it.

I did just recently perform an overdue Windows Update, but I think I saw this problem before that. However, now it seems to be getting worse. Fortunately Win8.x reboots rather quickly, but it may be that it does not really perform a complete cold boot, and the problem may be in some lower level drivers that have become corrupted. I suppose I can do the cold boot by mashing the power button for five seconds (as I've had to do several times on this machine). Then it seems to show the full startup sequence from BIOS on up.

I'm getting fed up with this Windoze crap. If it were not so inconvenient to wipe the drive and reinstall everything (and maybe install Win 7), I would do so. I chose Win 8.x so that I might duplicate my customers' environment when installing and running the software I supply with my Ortmasters, but I have become accustomed to using this laptop as my everyday computer. My Win7 machine still works but it seems to be bogged down and may have HDD problems, but perhaps I can install another drive and go back to using it, but it's almost four years old and has been used "heavily".

Anybody else run into this problem? Thanks.

J Tiers
07-16-2014, 08:44 AM
The same set of things happens with XP.

near as I can tell, it is a YouTube issue mixed with connection speed. The combo of what may be HD videos with a less than "New York hotspot" connection speed fouls up the receiver end, which reports errors and shuts down the video. often the video is very jerky and it may take 15 seconds to download a couple seconds of the video.

Other videos on same computers have zero problems.

And it seems to be impossible to set any lower resolution, even though there is theoretically a way to do that.

07-16-2014, 11:21 AM
I have no idea if this could be the problem, but will post it, just in case. I know, for a fact, that Google has been re-negotiating with Century Link regarding what I assume is the price paid to Google for Youtube videos. Century Link had major problems with access to Youtube for about 3 weeks. The problems have cleared up the last week. One of my best friends is a tech for CL, and was told, behind the curtain, this was going on, though CL said nothing to the general public. Apparently Google had cut the number of Youtube ports available to CL, as a little "arm twisting". I imagine the same thing could be going on with other 'net providers.