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07-17-2014, 05:17 PM
Folks, I have been posting a build thread on one of the model engine forums, but I thought the folks on HSMBB might get some enjoyment out of seeing it too. The project is now in it's second year, as the initial phases involved a lot of digging and research. The original engine is in a museum in Paris France, fortunately I was able to get lots of photos of it. The engine is scaled from the photos, modeled in SOlidworks, and patterns CNC'd in my shop. I also poured the castings for the prototype. There are still a lot of details, but the engine is finally coming together.

OK, I thought it would be obvious how to post pictures. It's been some time since I posted here, so if someone could help me out a bit I will reply with some pictures.


michigan doug
07-17-2014, 05:24 PM
I think the standard method is to put the photos on a photo hosing site (not here on this site), the common one being photobucket:


Then, there is a way to link to the photo (over on photobucket) so we can see it here, but it's still stored over on photobucket.

Perhaps someone else will chime in with a more detailed explanation, but that is the crux of it.

Looking forward to pictures!


07-17-2014, 05:33 PM
Doug, thanks for the info. I don't do photobucket or any other collection site, so I'll provide the link to the page where I posted the pictures. Anyone interested in this engine will probably want to brouse around there a bit anyway.


I will still respond to posts and questions here for everyones convenience.


07-17-2014, 07:02 PM

I went to the Model Engine Maker forum but couldn't see any pictures. Do you have to be a member to see them?

You could host the photos on your own website and link to them -

[ i m g] w w w . lone star engine works . c o m / images / photo1.jpg [ / i m g ] {of course, without the spaces}

07-17-2014, 09:30 PM
KJ1I, sorry about that. I just remembered, I learned the hard way, you have to be logged into the forum to see the pics I suppose you have to be a member to log in too. Guess everybody is making you log in these days, that's why I don't use photobucket and others.


07-17-2014, 09:42 PM
Hi neonman
I use tinypic.com when I want to post pictures. No need to sign up or log in.