View Full Version : great deals going on at zoro tools!!

09-27-2014, 12:22 PM
so I needed some Mobil DTE medium oil..

zoro.com (zoro tools) had it for 19.20 for a gallon..thats already a nice price, or at least, not overinflated. Mcmaster wants $28 before shipping.

Then apparently they are having free shipping for orders over $25 until 9/30

So I added some odds and ends and got the order up to $25.88

I went to checkout, and saw they had a "promo code" box...hmmmm

so I googled zoro tools coupons..and there was this site:


I tried the $5 off coupon...the code is "dontforget". I entered it into the box and hit OK.

I figured it would reject it since I already got free shipping, or just because those codes dont always work.

NOPE!! It took $5 off!! So my total was $22 something SHIPPED for 1 gallon of oil + a cobalt F drill bit and a M10 x 1.25mm tap!! Weehaa!!

And that site has alot more coupon codes for more expensive orders, you could save a bunch!!!

PLEASE post whatever deal you get here so we can all gawk!!!