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10-02-2014, 04:53 AM
I have a project which requires a 90 deg. direction change in direction of the motion. To make this change, I need a crown gear and a pinion gear or a set of bevel gears with the same dimensions. The diameter of the crown gear can be no larger than 1.5" diameter and pinion gear about 0.5" in diameter. I'd like them to be inexpensive plastic as they will not need to carry much of a load. I've spent many hours doing Google searches with variations of "small plastic crown gears", "small plastic bevel gears", "small plastic gears", etc. and what is weird, I have not found a place located in the USA which sells the combination I desire. I have found exactly what I need in two sites in Australia, one in the UK and one in South Africa. The only US places I have found which custom make your gears for you but that is not what I want. One would think that model car or robot sites would have parts but have not found a US based one so far. Does any know of places where small plastic gears can be found in the US?

10-02-2014, 05:46 AM
Last week I saw a couple of packs of small plastic gears of various sizes in a Hobby Town store. They also have a bunch of gears for RC cars. I see you are in the NE corner of NC. Debbies Hobbies in Chesapeake VA has a bunch of RC car stuff as well if you get up that way.

10-02-2014, 07:29 AM
www.servocity.com has lots of small, cheap mechanical components.

10-02-2014, 07:32 AM
I always use www.hpcgears.com for these types of components; not sure how they compare price-wise with other places but for the few times i've used them i've been happy.


usual disclaimer : i have no affiliation with hpcgears, just a happy customer

10-02-2014, 10:12 AM
Hi Bill
Maybe something here is useful:

10-02-2014, 12:15 PM
Hooray, something I can actually contribute!

Stock Drive Products (http://www.sdp-si.com/) is a very good (albeit expensive) source.

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George Seal
10-02-2014, 06:01 PM
I would have beat you to that but couldn't remember the name

Video Man
10-03-2014, 12:13 AM
Here's another, they make a huge variety of gears, drives, couplings, etc. http://www.wmberg.com/ My catalogue (somewhat old) lists several pages of bevel-and-miter gear sets, although they are either stainless or aluminum, didn't see plastic. Still, worth a look through their website.

FWIW sewing machines use these gearsets, although maybe not as big as you mention. I once replaced such a plastic gearset in a Singer portable, maybe there's a parts list you could Google.

10-03-2014, 01:00 AM
Take apart an old fishing reel- you'll find exactly what you need.

Bob Fisher
10-03-2014, 04:26 PM
Plus one for McMaster Carr, look under bevel gears, less than $3 ea and you can probably have them in your hand tomorrow. Bob.