View Full Version : The 13" Tray Top lathe is back in operation

10-02-2014, 04:54 PM
You may recall the earlier thread about the carriage travel not working on the 13" Cincinnati Tray Top lathe at the school. I finally got around to fixing it today.

First I removed the lead screw so I could get to the retainers that keep the carriage from lifting on the ways. Then I put a jack under the apron to keep it from bending the clutch/brake hex rod under the apron. With the apron supported, I got some help to move the saddle to one side.


It was immediately obvious that the spring pin had fallen out of the hub of the gear that drives the carriage rack pinion. Pretty much what I was expecting when it quit working. I fished it out of the oil reservoir with a magnet.



The pin was only tight in one side of the hub, so I spread it a little on one end before reinstalling it. Hopefully, that'll keep it working for another forty years. :D

10-03-2014, 12:08 AM
That model (tray top - tool room - hydrashift) Cinny is an exceptional lathe. We have four of them at work which are over a half-century old from 13 X 36 to 24 X 72 and all are still in almost mint condition, not because they aren't used, they are used a lot, but because they have been used with reverence by every machinist who has ever worked on them.

I envy you.