View Full Version : What is the difference between ER40 & 1" series collets?

10-25-2014, 03:09 AM
A while back I bought a collet set on sale at enco, it was on sale...$195.99

R8 shank tool holder, 15 collets from 1/8" to 1" spanner wrench in a plastic box. still available here (http://www.use-enco.com/CGI/INSRIT?PMAKA=204-5006)

Somewhere I got the impression that it is the same as an ER40 set, in fact I made a collet block using ER40 dimensions that works perfectly.

Can anyone tell me if there is a difference? Or is it just different names for the same tooling?

10-25-2014, 06:15 AM
The 1 inch refers to the largest sized ER 40 collet you have in that ER 40 collet set, if you do a google for ER 40 collets, you will suddenly find out that the collet set is actually an ER 40 collet set, NOT a 1 inch series collet set.

So you have your hands on an ER 40 collet set with "imperial" collets, but the dimensions for the collet holder and O/D of the collets, is actually METRIC.