View Full Version : Syil X5 CNC Mill and what happened to Fadec UMC-10 Machining Center by Dave DeCaussin

11-17-2014, 03:09 PM
While browsing the 11/12.14 issue of HSM, Charter Oak's advertisement
for their Syil X5 Combo CNC and X4 Speedmaster caught my attention.

The features, enclosure and price of the X5 Combo make an interesting
package. Closer reading at the website reveal one little glitch in the
print ad: the speed for the NT30 is not 5,000 as suggested on the page.
Nevertheless, looks like a lot of value for not so much money.

The X5 brought to mind the 2011 thread David Decaussin UMC-10 (http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net/threads/49654-David-Decaussin-UMC-10). I
had not heard anything further about this and wondered whether the X5
was the commercial embodiment of the UMC-10 beginnings, but a search
shows this not to be the case. There are one or more Fadec UMC-10's
out in the wild, seems they ended up costing a bit more than the $10K
initially anticipated. Most recent comments seem to suggest that a reorg
is underway for Fadec.