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12-07-2014, 01:35 AM
I have been working on getting a #5 gisholt turret lathe up and running. I mounted the the 10" chuck that came with the lathe. Turns out it was worn out. I am kinda low funds so I ordered a 10" 3 jaw interstate chuck from enco cyber Monday sale $167 with free shipping. The chuck was covered with oil and had a plastic cover over the scroll. I removed the cover there was no grease but was covered in oil and grinding grit. I completely disassembled the chuck and cleaned with brake cleaner then reassembled and greased.

My next problem my spindle mount was a8-1 so the chuck has to bolt on from the front. I drilled the threaded mounting holes on the back of the chuck through and counter bored the front.

Then I had to make a adapter to mount the new chuck to the old chuck mount. started with 10x10x3/4 a36 plate. I faced one side and spotted 6 holes on the outer a1-8 bolt circle, 3 for the chuck and milled the center bore on the cnc mill. I drilled 3 of the a1-8 holes to clear the bolts for original mount, 3 holes for 3/8 clearance and drill and taped the 3 holes for the chuck on the drill press. Then milled the counter bored to match the original mount and milled 10" circle .02 deep for templet to cut corners off on the band saw.

On the original chuck mount i had to drill and tap to mount the new adapter they were drilled 3/16 to start. Then i mounted the original mount and the adapter, turned it round and to fit the new chuck.

The run out .004 next to the chuck and .008 6" from chuck. Not bad for the price. I will post pics soon.

12-07-2014, 01:44 AM
Here are some images (Google) for your lathe:


More "stuff" fro your lathe:


I hope it helps.

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12-07-2014, 03:52 AM
It's Not quite clear from your first post, but did you mill or turn the register for the chuck?

Normally the register on th backplate for the chuck is turned on the lathe, sot it is true to the machine axis, looking at the photos your machine marks look turned.

Just thinking that if it was milled, off the machine it might contribute to the run-out you're seeing, which to be fair isn't bad for the money of those chucks.


12-07-2014, 10:02 AM
I milled the register that mounts to the spindle mount. The adapter will never be removed from the spindle mount. The adapter is made so you can axis the spindle mount bolts with out removing the adapter. I then turned the register to mount the chuck. The chuck body had about .0003th run out, so the chuck is center. Sorry if my posts is unclear i am not good at putting thoughts to paper.