View Full Version : GFB Lathe Chuck

12-18-2014, 01:12 PM
Is anyone familiar with this manufacturer? when I bought my (used) 12x40 import lathe a couple years ago I got this chuck that was in the cabinet with the rest of the lathe tooling. The chuck only has the GFB logo and the number 2002 stamped on the body and the jaws. I wasn't sure if it was a date code or just for matching the correct jaws to the body. The chuck is a 5" 3-jaw scroll and was mounted on a backer with an MT4 arbor. My lathe has an MT5/D1-4 head and MT3 tail, so aside from opening and oiling it when I got it, I have left it in the cabinet.

Since it's not an immediate piece that I am likely to use I'm mostly just curious about it as far as quality and value. I've been able to find very little on the internet about the company - They are in Italy (no idea where the chuck is actually made) the fit and edges of the jaws just seems to be very precise and consistent, so it makes me think that is a good quality piece, but I could be wrong. I'm torn whether to just toss it back in the cabinet for the day when I may acquire a suitable lathe for it, or if they are a popular / coveted / valuable item, maybe I should try to sell or trade it toward machinery or tooling that I'm likely to use. if it's nothing more than an average sub-$100 used item, it'll likely just be saved for a rainy day, or a rainly lathe...