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06-10-2004, 05:06 PM
Hi all, I just recieved an old wooden seven drawer tool chest off E-Bay.Item#3815958392.It arrived full of tools, A facinating selection of stuff I would probably never buy, but now that I have it, invaluable. There is quite a lot of Starret gear, bore guages, A last word indicator, adjustable parallels and much more. Opening the package was like opening a time capsul. The box was made by Shartow Iron products (Sipco Products) in Racine Wisconcin. All the toos are marked with the owners initals (WS) and a card I found in the box would indicate the machinist was Mr. I.W. Sizer, from Houston, Texas. Anyone know him? I am sure he would like to hnow where his tools went. Doug

Ragarsed Raglan
06-11-2004, 11:16 AM
Hi Doug,

Just took a peek at that tool chest......mmmmmh! Looks niiiccccceeee. I recently cleaned up my fathers old tool chest ...all these years I thought it was made of Grimsby Trawler SH door planking (box pine) and then found it was a beautiful English 'white heart' Oak with rosewood drawers. I cleaned mine up with a little turpentine mixed with vinegar, applied on a fine steel wool. Cleaned off with paper towelling and repeated until all the dirt had lifted out of the grain. I finished it off with some gunstock waxing oil rubbed in.

Yours does look like a good buy, I bet I.W.Sizer is looking down from the toolroom in the sky, on that box.