View Full Version : Rebuilding tapping head, lubriation?

04-19-2015, 05:23 PM
I'm re-building a tapping head, one I got off ebay many moons ago. The clutches don't seem to be holding well under load. I took it apart, there's a lot of crud inside. Question is what kind (if any) lubrication is used for the clutch plates. They are steel split disks with a shallow taper that engages the inside of a flywheel (two sets, apparently)

I'm curious to know is there any centrifugal effect to their operation, or is it only up and down pressure on the tapping head?

Anyways, I stuck my finger down against the bottom clutch and held it firmly, I could feel some slippage under rotation.

The head is a Ridgid Versatapper # 6100. Couldn't find any documentation online.

Thank you,