View Full Version : Sip turbo mig welder gas model 150 question re new tips sizes etc.

Alistair Hosie
06-18-2015, 02:00 PM
I need to finally buy more new tips for my sip turbo mig 150 gas type.I don't do a lot of welding and when I do I do it for strength not fancy looks.I bought some NUTOOL tips recommended marked contact tip wire 0.8 dia.They are too big to screw into the gun handle.I have a gun with an obviously smaller thread.I put the micrometer digital type on it.The threaded area measures max dia outside external fitting of 4.1 presumably 4mm and the wire in use is seven mm.
I can check again if you suggest! Only I have something very heavy on top of the welder or many small lighter things making it a ten minute job to check the roll inside.
LOL or lazy old lowlife .I see none of that 4mm on the gun internal diameter size on the net can you help.help me luckily I just bought five which turned out to be eight mm dia but would like to buy 50 on sale on ebay for around ten pounds.Your old pal Big Al Alistair

06-18-2015, 02:45 PM
Have a look at this page Alistair, perhaps this may help?

Alistair Hosie
06-18-2015, 05:12 PM
Thanks Willy very kind that is the business no question ,the best I have ever seen to date.
I am falling asleep at the computer(morphine related ) so will have study it over the weekend as I go in to hospital tomorrow . Many thanks again pal .Alistair