View Full Version : Hardinge 3-Jaw Chuck - Secured by Pin

07-27-2015, 12:27 PM
We've got an HLV at work and one of the other users noticed that the chuck no longer remains securely attached. When the lathe is shut off, it tends to spin itself off of the spindle. This is one of those twist-lock setups where the chuck has a single pin that mates with a grooved track on the spindle nose. Anyway, upon inspection, he discovered that the pin is beat up to the point where you can no longer just tighten it up to get it to lock. I can make a new pin, but won't have time to get to it for several days. I got to wondering if anyone on here knew where one could be purchased...??


07-27-2015, 01:36 PM
I have two Hardinge machines with that pin type chuck attachment method, HATE IT!!! My problem has not been the chuck coming loose, but not being able to easily remove the chuck. Actually, in my case I use step collet chuck closer rings far more often than a chuck, but same situation. I have taken to tightening the closer onto the spindle with a spanner wrench and unscrewing the pin and light taps with a soft mallet when needing to remove the closer ring.

I'm pretty sure the pins are interchangeable between closer sizes, not sure if the chucks used a different pin though. The chucks were generally not made by Hardinge, the closer rings were. Since Hardinge didn't make most of the chucks they may not have replacement pins for all possible chucks, but worth a call to Hardinge anyway. They're usually very good about replacement parts.