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09-28-2015, 04:37 PM
Search comes up empty.
I've got 3, 4 inch sq. ceramic soldering blocks.
I want to mount them end to end on a 1/2 inch al. plate, to use as a soldering jig.
It needs to be a fairly flat surface, how can I smooth these by hand.
Any cutting compounds to use?
Also I'd like to drill a 1/4 inch hole in two of them. I know they use copper tube and milk to drill glass. Will that work?
The holes are 1/16" and rows are 1/8 " apart.
Thanks for any help.http://i925.photobucket.com/albums/ad92/tapkoote/IMG_6318.jpg (http://s925.photobucket.com/user/tapkoote/media/IMG_6318.jpg.html)

09-28-2015, 04:47 PM
A sanding block should smooth them to a flat surface. I'm thinking probably a 2 straight flute carbide drill for the hole.

09-28-2015, 04:55 PM
I'm not sure what they are made of, looks fused silica, reminiscent of a catalytic converter core?, if your drilling near the edge fracture is a definite possibility, we had some to fab in work for an experimental contraption, tried drilling, fail, diamond core drill worked, the kind for porcelain tiles, ended up taking it out to a water jet cutting firm, perfect job, impressive beasts those cutters

10-10-2015, 04:36 PM
http://i925.photobucket.com/albums/ad92/tapkoote/IMG_6384.jpg (http://s925.photobucket.com/user/tapkoote/media/IMG_6384.jpg.html)http://i925.photobucket.com/albums/ad92/tapkoote/IMG_6385.jpg (http://s925.photobucket.com/user/tapkoote/media/IMG_6385.jpg.html)I didn't surface them, I glued them together with shoe goo
and placed them on 1/2" al. plate.
This is a soldering jig, I usually use dead weight for something like this. But being small and easily knocked out of alignment. I decided to make up some welder helpers, like wood workers bench clamps. I used a file to down size some 3/32 gas rod.
How would a shop do this job. There maybe a market for these in the jewelry making hobby, if one of you guys need a project for beer money.

10-10-2015, 05:21 PM
Those look like the ceramic blocks I use in my BBQ grill. JR

10-10-2015, 06:49 PM
Could be- where'd you get them.
These were $4 a piece.

10-10-2015, 07:16 PM
When you drill glass with a copper tube, you feed an abrasive grit like silicon carbide in a slurry into it to do the actual cutting. Not sure about milk for that, though I have heard of milk being used as a cutting fluid for copper (I think) so I'm not discounting that. A diamond grit drill like used for ceramic tile would likely do the job as well.

10-11-2015, 12:26 AM
Could be- where'd you get them.
These were $4 a piece.

prolly so. I bought a gross of them to try my lil bbq experiment. Couple boxes. JR

10-11-2015, 12:32 AM

10-11-2015, 09:34 AM
prolly = probably

10-11-2015, 03:42 PM
Could be- where'd you get them.
These were $4 a piece.

Amazon.. GrillPro 43118

$16 for 18 blocks JR


http://i1183.photobucket.com/albums/x461/_GLE_/HSM/bricks1_zpsycpevhon.jpg (http://s1183.photobucket.com/user/_GLE_/media/HSM/bricks1_zpsycpevhon.jpg.html)

http://i1183.photobucket.com/albums/x461/_GLE_/HSM/bricks2_zpsvi4q7kdc.jpg (http://s1183.photobucket.com/user/_GLE_/media/HSM/bricks2_zpsvi4q7kdc.jpg.html)