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Doc Nickel
10-10-2015, 08:41 PM
Do all the older Logans use the same specs on the bed ways? As in, the width and spacing of the inverted V-ways?

I was given to understand that they did- even the Wards/Powerkraft ones. But I just picked up a used, but excellent, near-zero-wear saddle, that's almost an exact clone of my 11" Logan saddle, except it's a full inch too narrow (front to back) to properly fit on my lathe's ways.

It was advertised as fitting a "Model 400", which I wasn't familiar with. I had a 9" Wards for a few years, but it's bed was identical in way specs, to the 11"- I know that for a fact because the same turret assembly fit both machines perfectly (except, of course, for spindle height. :D )

So, was there a smaller/narrower version of the Logan? If not, could this be from another brand? A 9" Southbend or something? (I doubt it, the pics I can see online suggest the SB one is slightly more rounded.)

And, if it is a small/early Logan or Powerkraft... anybody need it? :D It doesn't fit my machines, but it's in excellent condition.


10-10-2015, 08:55 PM
The 400 is a 9" model, Logan 9"ers are narrower than the 10/11/12" beds.

Where u at doc?

Doc Nickel
10-10-2015, 09:12 PM
Yep, I was just reading Tony's lathe archive article on the Logans and had found confirmation:

Although one might have expected Logan to build their popular 10-inch lathe on the same bed as the 9" model, this was not the case, instead it was 7/8" wider over the ways and the standard between-centres capacity increased from 17" to 24" and the longer-bed version from 28" to 33". This was obviously a serious upgrade, and not some mere tinkering with the specification.

Well, color me educated. Anybody need a 9" Logan saddle? :D


(I'm in Alaska, by the way- but it fits in a Large Flat Rate box quite easily.)