View Full Version : Any New Year 2016 Plans, Resolutions, Etc?

01-02-2016, 02:36 AM
Mine are get the hanger organized with racking up, get rid of duplicates, etc. Get the small in the house winter shop done. I have 2 things ready to patent, get that done & in production. Sell 2 airplanes the Bonanza & the amfib floatplane almost completed, maybe the cabin in the UP. In other words get rid of things I'm not going to use & finish my undone things. I've found some good help so I think this is the year to make it happen!
How about you guys, what's the plans:confused:

01-02-2016, 03:05 AM
I have never made resolution at new years. That way I have never broken one.

01-02-2016, 03:54 AM
Hope to visit England.

01-02-2016, 07:25 AM
Hope to visit England.
I'd like to escape but damn security is so tight

01-02-2016, 02:36 PM
Come on over we have plenty of room & all the machines you can play with. My wife is going to Ireland with my future DIL so you can come back as me. I finally got those adapters as the guy dealing with left the company.

01-02-2016, 06:05 PM
I am not going to put off procrastination anymore - I am going to get right to it.

01-02-2016, 07:55 PM
Yes, finish projects that I started in 2010, finish projects that I started in 2011, finish projects that I started in 2012, finish projects that I started in 2013, finish projects that I started in 2014, finish projects that I started in 2015, Don't start any more projects until all of the previous listed years projects are finished.
Note to self...... projects prior to 2010 are not listed !!!

JL................. Happy New Year

01-02-2016, 08:01 PM
Clean and sort my toolbox at work,which I have been putting off for the better part of a decade:p

01-02-2016, 10:11 PM
I resolved years ago not to make any new years resolutions. So far, I've not broken that one.

But... I plan to finish de-cluttering the house, and then the garage. Wife and I are both guilty of collecting things that "we may need someday". Now that we are in our 60s, we are realizing that some day may never get here.

We have 16 Gorrilla racks ( 4' x 2' x 6 ) in the garage from the time we last time we decluttered. I hope to empty some of them so I have space to put tools that are scattered across every horizontal surface.


john hobdeclipe
01-02-2016, 10:16 PM
No resolutions here...I'll just carry on doing what I always do, which isn't all that much, really.