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03-08-2016, 06:02 PM
Well she cleaned up nice and I've got the problems sorted.
All appears to be in working order and boy does this thing move metal.

Good times ahead. Now I just need more INT30 tooling.

Thought I'd share:



03-08-2016, 07:56 PM
Cool machine... Almost like a scaled back K&T. I agree I dont know why the speed control is in the rear near the floor. Seems they just wanted you to bash your head on the table over and over adjusting it.

03-09-2016, 09:08 AM
ha! i do find myself being cautious before standing up too fast.

03-09-2016, 01:42 PM

Another excellent video, thanks for taking the time to make a high quality video and share it with us. I like the little popups, like the open hands you attach to the video, they are timed right and don't stick around long, perfect from my point of view. Your classic off the cuff humor (like calling a dirty coolant tank a toilet) makes your videos fun to watch. Well done.

It cleaned up nicely and being a top quality machine to begin with I'm sure you will be happy with it. Too bad you didn't get a horizontal arbor support for it. Do you think you'll miss the convenience of a quill?

03-09-2016, 02:32 PM
Nice machine. It really cleaned up well.

03-09-2016, 02:39 PM
NC: no quill = pain in the butt!
I haven't done any drilling with it yet, but I'm hoping the power table feed can make up for not have a spindle for now,
though I do have my eye out for a high speed head (which has a spindle!). . but by the sounds of it they're like hens teeth.

daryl bane
03-09-2016, 03:40 PM
In my best Darth Vader voice, "The Europeanization of Tony is complete". :) Great Vid.

03-09-2016, 04:28 PM
Interesting video, thanks for posting it. For someone new to the 'euro' mills this really covers many of the more 'curious' points of operation. The quill is definitely a pain, but you'll be surprised how quickly you adapt to using the power feed in the z to drill. Like 'where the hell is power feed on this dumb bridgeport as you take the vice handle to the quill mechanism' used to it. If your mill has dog stops in the z remember to set them at where the drill needs to stop feeding which makes this a far more enjoyable experience. On my FP1 I stopped using the quill altogether for anything other than center drills or chamfering. Flip side of that is learning the feed rates for all your small drills the hard way :cool:

Ed P
03-09-2016, 04:43 PM
I'm envious of your purchase. My 13 is much older, from the early 1960's. It has only one x axis handle, smaller table and does not have the optional rapid traverse. It does have both heads, quill and non-quill and the overarm support. You are extremely lucky yours came with those short arbors, I've been looking for them for years with no luck at all. I've managed to purchase only 2 long ones. Since yours is newer I'm surprised the feed rate control is on the back like mine. I have a catalog showing the mill with a cable arrangement that brings it to the front. It seems Schaublin changed the design over the years to make it more user friendly. The Y axis handle is on top on my early unit, the Z axis handle is in line with the X which is more difficult to access and with the Z tucked under the X it's much easier to confuse the two, I've done it. Remember the X and Z move up and down with the table so you can't count on them being in a certain spot. My variable speed control leaks oil no matter how many different O-rings I've tried, so hopefully yours will not suffer the same fate.

Ed P

03-09-2016, 07:20 PM
That is an amazingly rigid machine for its size, very nice. Also, the quality of your video is outstanding.

03-09-2016, 07:32 PM
The catalogs show an optional hand actuated lever with rack & pinion feed for the 13 horizontal headstock. I am familiar with this feature on the much smaller 12 mill. >THIS< (http://anglo-swiss-tools.co.uk/schaublin-12-milling-machine/) page illustrates the attachment. See the second picture down.

I wonder how the 13 option compares. The headstock is obviously more substantial. The uncoupling of the leadscrew may also be less convenient than on the 12. I don't know. What I can say is that this option on the 12 works very effectively in place of a quill for drilling and other hand-fed operations. It provides a surprising amount of feel + feedback. It works great for power tapping as well.

03-09-2016, 07:33 PM
Anyone know the weight of this machine ?

03-09-2016, 07:35 PM
440kg to 740kg (http://anglo-swiss-tools.co.uk/schuablin-13-milling-machine/) depending on exact model year / configuration

03-09-2016, 07:45 PM
nice :) Love the blaxploitation music too!

03-10-2016, 08:46 AM
Thanks all. Myrtle.. I have seen that hand lever in the literature, but it'd really only help if I were drilling with a chuck in the horizontal spindle -- if I'm following
what you're saying. Interesting thing I've noticed on mine is that if I unlock the head, I can 'backdrive' the handles by pushing the head. So a rack/pinion handle may
not require the screw be disengaged.

I'll be honest at first I was concerned about cutting forces pushing/pulling the head when I was working in Y.. but so far, seems fine. Climb cutting is a bit easier
than conventional.. but I haven't had the head 'get away from me'.


Edit to add horizontal lever attachment:


03-10-2016, 07:34 PM
Once again a very watchable, interesting production. I've seen a similar machine but never used one, they are distinctly deckel-ish, I've always liked the table, with a DRO co-ordinate drilling would be a pleasure, however I'm thinking you do need a quill, rare I suppose but thinking about it I suppose a quill could be built from scratch, it may need the humane sacrifice of a willing or unwilling doner drill or mill.
Provided you a anethsetse it with wd40 I'm told that hardly any any rejection grease is needed.
No doubt a bit of eBay trawling will ensue.
Well done, nice catch, you definitely suck