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Alistair Hosie
07-16-2004, 03:56 PM

07-16-2004, 04:01 PM
That's exactly how I had pictured him!!
Something like my mother-in-law!!

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Alistair Hosie
07-16-2004, 04:09 PM
don't insult the old gal http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif
sorry John coudn't resist http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif Alistair

Al Flipo
07-16-2004, 04:10 PM
Same hair, but nicer looking teeth. (Real)

Alistair Hosie
07-16-2004, 04:54 PM
I think he was breaking them in for Red Rum the famous racehorse http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif Alistair ooh the look of concentration.

John Stevenson
07-16-2004, 04:59 PM
I'm sorry to have to do this but here's a picture of Alistair that Bronwen sent me when he was doing his national service :-

John S.

Alistair Hosie
07-16-2004, 05:46 PM
John that must have been me in may young days my a$$ don't look that firm today http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif

Alistair Hosie
07-16-2004, 05:48 PM
What is that guy up to must have JOCK ITCH http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif that's why he's rubbing it against the wall.

07-16-2004, 09:07 PM
Grounds keeper Willie voice-"ehye,he's a skirt wear'in poodle walker ifn ya arsk me" http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif

07-16-2004, 09:09 PM
Jed Clamped voice-"hew...doggie,he could eat corn through a picket fence" http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif

07-17-2004, 12:47 AM
You know Wierd,

You are wierd.

Lets get a real good look at you.
What would Jed Clampet have to say about you? He'd say Jethro I told you not to mess with Elly May. Look what you begot.

07-17-2004, 09:24 AM
Spence,Look Igot this new digital camera not to long ago and I'm not going to wreck it with a self photo http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif So,I'll give you a brief description,6'5"x 335lbs,Albert Einstein hairdoo,one crooked tooth from run in with a ball bat(works great for a bottle opener)usually clad in a tee-shirt and jeans containing may small burn holes and grease stains(I made the cover of GQ.....into a paper airplane)hands the size of baseball mits,and occasionaly a beard http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif So in the words of Fat Bastard"do you think I'm sexaa? http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif

07-17-2004, 12:40 PM
I think you be chicken ****. I can say this.

Alistair Hosie
07-17-2004, 02:59 PM
Darin you forgot to add a heart of gold brother I can testify to that kind kind kind.Alistair

07-17-2004, 05:44 PM
As can I Alistair. Weird's one of the good ones.

07-17-2004, 05:54 PM
Here's a pic of me and da boys!!

07-17-2004, 06:59 PM
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07-17-2004, 09:09 PM
fish say: How do I get this wart off my butt?

07-17-2004, 09:44 PM
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Joel:
As can I Alistair. Weird's one of the good ones.</font>

Awhhh...shucks,now I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy inside http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif Uh,no,never mind,that was the chicken **** er uh salad I ate for lunch http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif

jim davies
07-18-2004, 12:04 AM
With those grins, I hope that fish is female

Alistair Hosie
07-18-2004, 07:54 AM
Those three guys are my kind of people ,honest decent straight forward working class. No Gucci or Armani clobber worn here, go for it guys show the toffs you can enjoy life without the latest expensive trendy gear and who gives a damn? http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif Alistair

07-18-2004, 09:12 AM
Thanks Alistair,
That was my sunday best I put on for the pic!!

Alistair Hosie
07-18-2004, 11:39 PM
Ouch that must have hurt sorry there I go again me and my big mouth http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif Alistair

07-20-2004, 12:59 AM
Dang, you guys are bad. I was looking at the banged up pinkie. Must have been grabbing the stock too soon eh John?

Alistair Hosie
07-21-2004, 04:37 PM
John's little pinkie is his own private affair http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif Alistair

07-21-2004, 06:53 PM


How do you teach a pup or kid biting hurts? by biting?

David (hmm tastes like chicken)


He's reading my tool catalogs, when will it end? he has already stolen all my screwdrivers.

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Alistair Hosie
07-21-2004, 07:29 PM
I could tell you a story about John's little "PINKIE" however I am not allowed http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif

as his case comes up before the magistrate next week http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif Alistair

Alistair Hosie
07-21-2004, 07:32 PM
Dave perhaps you would be good enough to explain to us how you personally know it tastes like chicken http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif Alistair

charlie coghill
07-21-2004, 09:08 PM
Gee can't you tell that is David chewing on the bone. I sure wish that you guys would not pick on John that way. You are going to give him a complex and next thing you know he will be fighting David for the bone. http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//tongue.gif

Allan Waterfall
07-22-2004, 12:42 PM

From the look on his face, it seems you were not aware he pee'd on you leg for biting his ear. http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif

Super dog.


07-22-2004, 07:50 PM
I can see it now,this dog doesn't roll over,he don't beg and he won't jump through hoops,but he's one heck of a welder http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif

07-22-2004, 10:14 PM

He has scars on top of his head from biting the sparks off the welding and cutting I was doing one day.

He has gained 50 pounds since I bit his ear. Carrol says I should not do that anymore. He can snap a cow femur in two.

He is still all pup, he got into my school bus I use for storage, tore up probably $1000 in stuff. Lots of old biker/nudie tattooing pictures lost from him looking/chewing on them. He is in so much trouble. Mostly I keep ebay junk in there. I was hunting some motors for a HSM'er and noticed it was trashed. He is so smart I guess he was getting even for something. My other dog used to trash the house when he wanted to go with me and I left him.


07-23-2004, 01:47 AM
Sorry David,
But I think you are subjecting your poor dog to our human emotions and motivations. It's called anthropomorphism. I read a book on the subject of dog psychology and it was very revealing.

Your dog just did what we all would do if we were dogs. You really have to look at things this way before you punish a pup.

Good luck, and I like the wild animals the best but you need to understand them and not anthropomorphize them.


07-23-2004, 05:53 AM

If you think I am taking this pup to DOggie Psycology then you are nuts too?

I can see it now, him telling the doctor I feed him sardines and make him sit to get them one at a time. He loves them sardines, an vienna sausages, an cheese, and anything else Carrol feeds him. He eats grapes, cantelope ,tomatoes, corn, potatoes and any other human food. I held a popsickle out for him to eat, he licked it till the stick was bare, then ran into the kitchen barking that he wanted another.

As you can see he is quite the confused pup, he thinks he is human. I think he loves me a lot more then any of my exwifes did.


Alistair Hosie
07-24-2004, 04:13 PM
David maybe you never fed your other wives such goodies http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif Alistair

07-24-2004, 10:36 PM
You know,I hear that dogs take after their masters,this could explain the affinity for beer,tools,good food,why next he'll want his own bike http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif

Hey? Did you give him a tatoo yet? http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif Maybe a nekked poodle on one leg and a HD logo on the other? http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif

Alistair Hosie
07-25-2004, 01:06 PM
David Glad to see your dog gives you so much pleasure,I can see it in your face.I love my dog too I have the biggest King Charles spaniel I have ever seen he is great .
I went to a funeral the other day and he was left at home on his own for nearly a full day.
When we came home he was doing twirlies wirlies,summersaults etc he was so glad to see us great animal.
I have lots of respect for the way you adore him keep it going. Alistair

07-25-2004, 01:38 PM
Hey! Dogs are people too. I love my dogs. The only problem with dogs is that they don't live long enough. When they die it really sucks.

BTW Spence, "anthropomorphize"??? That's a word you can stretch between two trees and trip over. http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif

07-25-2004, 02:08 PM

The police showed up down the road, the neighbors little dogs had gotten over the fence into the yard with the bull mastiff and pitt bulldog.

They shot the mastiff unprovoked cause it killed the neighbors dog.

I wonder, Police can't protect people, dogs are faithful but you are not allowed to have one big enough to stop a burgular.

Just a matter of time with my Butch.