View Full Version : Four Facet Drill Sharpening and Grinding Wheel Dressing

03-13-2017, 03:08 PM
First a big thank you to all that have viewed my videos showing my grinding rests being used. This I can see by the large numbers on my website and YouTube stats.

I have now come to the final two, “Four Facet Drill Sharpening” and “Wheel Dressing”. Links here. http://www.homews.co.uk/page224.html .

My next videos will be in a series which I call “Made in an Afternoon” and consists of small projects on my website . Typical example here. http://www.homews.co.uk/page73.html

However, this time of year is a very busy period in the garden for me, added to which, the local Salvation Army, of which I am a member, have asked me, due to my cabinet making interests, to make some simple items for their building refurbishment program.

Because of this, I will not be issuing any more videos for a few months.