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04-29-2017, 08:45 PM
The grandson and I went to a town wide yard sale today. I couldn't pass up a Delta 34-444 table saw that was about 20 years old but looked new for $100. It also included the rip fence, table extensions, and a very nice wheeled base that probably cost $100 alone. He had two older Craftsman 1 hp routers in good shape and threw them in for $5 each, gave one to my daughter so she doesn't need to borrow mine.

Next week is our town wide yard sale. The junk Skilsaw brand table saw the Delta is replacing is going really cheap cause I just want it gone now!

04-30-2017, 02:20 AM
Amazingly in Latin there is one word to replace "you suck", it is Ubera, just suck is suctus fascinating
A nice table saw, though outdated they say, is a marvellous thing, I had a pressed metal contraption, horrible to use, glad to see it go, I replaced it with a really old multico, iron topped saw, it's ancient but a wonderful machine, it will take a 16" blade so I can, and have cut 1/16" verniers on it, the pressed metal thing motor end float (direct drive) was twice that.
We don't see the craftsman routers over here, I did buy a really old (pre de Walt) Elu router, elu motor design was lost on de Walt, they went backwards thinking that the routers appeal was how it looked not how it worked, idiots get paid more in industry, a glowing report of your previous employer usually means you were ****e at your job and they couldent wait to get rid of you, thus managers change jobs ever upward,
Nice score

04-30-2017, 04:16 AM
We were ELU dealer till crap & decker bought the rights & never brought in a tool. I still have the 10" table saw that flips over & make a compound mire saw. Best design I seen & lots of power. Legs come off & will fit in a subcompact car. Needs a start cap which is bigger that a 12oz pop can.