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04-02-2018, 10:41 PM
I was given these adjustable die cutters when F-I-l passed. I have just started cleaning them up. I think they are Whitworth but are in good condition. My question: one of the sets of die cutters is stamped 1-2, but appears to be able to cut 5/8 by the size of the space. However, the thread size does not match SAE. So, Whitworth? or? Thanks for your time, Wayne.

Richard P Wilson
04-03-2018, 12:43 AM
Early morning and I'm a bit slow. What is SAE? Normally means Stamped Addressed Envelope over here.

I presume you are talking about some of those old style 2 part dies, any chance of a photo? Honestly, 1/2 could be anything, Whitworth, BSF, Gas, Brass, even Cycle. Have you tried a pitch gauge on them?

04-03-2018, 01:34 AM
Hi Richard, SAE is Society of Engineers, ( basically, North American) designation. The pitch gauge showed 20, I think for what would be 1/4 20 but measured out to be about 5/16. My 5/16 18 is small. Yes, two part dies. The rest of those? Thanks for your time, Wayne. bTW, my time right now is 10:34 pm.

Richard P Wilson
04-03-2018, 02:39 AM
Could be 3/8" British Standard Fine (BSF) which is 20 TPI. The nearest gas or pipe thread to 20tpi is 1/4" x19 tpi, but thats just over 1/2" dia.

loose nut
04-03-2018, 09:16 AM
SAE is Society of Engineers, ( basically, North American) designation. .

Society of Automotive Engineers

04-03-2018, 09:47 AM
Very strong chance that these are cutter for pipe thread. 1-2, 1/2" IPS.
Threader and dies look like these?: https://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-NO-2-ARMSTRONG-ADJUSTABLE-STOCK-DIES-1-4-1-PIPE-THREADER/123051915343?hash=item1ca677384f:g:xKkAAOSwc6Jah0l f

04-03-2018, 11:58 AM
Hi all: yes pipe threads, thanks, Wayne.