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09-11-2004, 10:17 PM
looking at one that is for sale. LOTS of tools, including turret tail stock. Hydrolic variable speed seems sluggish. Advice? Price range/value/worth?
thanks, Alan in ga.

09-12-2004, 10:08 AM
The 5913 is a variable-speed 12x36 with 1-1/2 HP single-phase motor that should include the clutch & brake countershaft.

The hydraulically actuated sariable speed system can be problematic and expensive to fix. The motor pulley on mine was shot (keyway sheared off) and a new pulley was $900 from Clausing. I suspect that this damagae can be avoided by periodically replacing a $25 plastic sleeve or bushing in the motor pulley.

Some folks have repaired similar damage or just replaced the vari-speed system with belt pulleys and added a VFD.

It can be hard to tell if there is damage - I inspected mine under power before buying it and it seemed fine, but I neglected to take a test cut which would probably have revealed a problem. One tip off might be to check the threaded shaft that protrudes from the LH pedestal near the floor. If it wobbles noticeably, that is a bad sign. Mine wobbled about 1/8" with the damaged pulley and about 1/16" with the new pulley.

If possible, I'd pull the pulley and it inspect it thouroughly.

What do you mean by sluggish? That could just mean that the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced or the mechanism bled of air.

Price is a real open-ended question. Could be anywhere from $scrap to $3500 depending on condition, location, and included tooling. The taper attachment, steady rest, and follower rest are *real* hard to find and bring prices that reflect that.

FWIW, mine came with no jawed chucks, a 5-C lever-type collet chuck & collets, tailstock, regular cross slide, bed turret and production cross slide, and some turret tooling. It was $1500 a few years back. I've since replaced the pulley, added just about all the accessories, and am probably well up to $3500, maybe more. Prices for a basic 5900-series lathe seem a lot lower now than when I bought, but the accessories are still pretty expensive.

I really do like the lathe, though. It is a vast improvement over the Craftsman 12x36 I was using previously.

The bed turret has been alot more useful than I'd have guessed in a hobby shop. I also like the Burnerd collet chuck a lot more than 5C collets as it will hold work up to 1-3/8" diameter and each collet has a 1/8" range.


09-12-2004, 12:01 PM
great information. The variable speed doesn't work at all,,but lathe has been sitting for 2 years. Machinist friend that went with me said his Clausing [he has two 5900 series Clausings in his shop]leaked as well,,and all that was needed was more fluid,,and possibly new seal somewhere. I'll go back and check the spindle per your recommendation. This one has an unused turret tailstock [one step up from Clausing quality according to machist friend that has both a Clausing and aftermarket turret tailstock like this one],,and he knows the owner that passed away spent $1,200 on the new turret. Has 4 and 3 jaw chucks, steady, follower, die head [not sure if all the 'extra' jaws for it are there,,more looking to be done], and hundreds of morse drills,,cutters, a 'back cut' tool rest as well as the standard one post type,,,milling attachment [nice to have although not real useful?],,live centers [several] clutch 'shift' lever,,,and much more 'stuff'in boxes around it. Coolant box on floor under toolroom stand. More,,need to go back and look again.
thanks,alan in ga.